We are here to wake up Corporate America 

We transform Mental Health Challenges to OPPORTUNITIES


what is #BRAINSTRONG(™)?

We are trailblazers. We are a mental health echo system of dedicated and passionate experts spanning every area affecting mental health in the workplace. We are:

  • human resources specialists

  • labor law attorneys

  • diversity and inclusion leaders

  • medical professionals 

  • employee effectiveness consultants

  • mindfulness experts

  • financial planners

We diagnose and fix issues plaguing the workplace and create a safe and inclusive workspaces that affect the bottomline, retention and recruitment in a positive way. 


20% of the current workforce is diagnosed with some sort of mental challenge (American Psychological Association). Those numbers are going to drastically increase with new generations entering the workforce--in less than a decade we’ll be at 35%. We now have NO CHOICE but to address it. To successfully survive and thrive in Corporate America, we need to be #BRAINSTRONG(™)


why team 


  • We live it, we know the laws, we know employee rights, we KNOW the solutions for both employers and employees. 


  • We are 100% disabled-woman owned and owe it to our fellow warriors and those supporting those warriors a voice and a seat at the table. 


  • We advocate for our families, for ourselves, for all who suffer from mental health challenges. We don't like the term disability, we know we have special abilities and as a matter of fact, so do all disabled warriors. 


how can we help you become #BRAINSTRONG(™)?

Get your house in order. Your bottomline, culture, retention and recruitment are taking a hit without this key piece of the wellness puzzle. 


Contact us for a consultation and our proprietary solutions. 

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